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Running Track Construction and Design

General Acrylics has experience in every facet of running track construction, repair, resurfacing and striping.

With General Acrylics’ 43 years of experience in running track construction and a Certified Track Builder (certified by the American Sports Builders Association) on staff, we are uniquely qualified to work with you to build a running track facility that meets your vision, performance and budgetary requirements.

The construction or re-construction of a running track requires specialized expertise to insure the facility:

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Running Track Design

The first and one of the most important steps in building a running track facility is the design phase. There are many factors that need to be considered.

Running Track Construction Click to enlarge

Once the design is completed and approved, the construction phase begins. This includes all of the activities to bring the design to reality and may include:

Running Track Construction

Construction Design

Running Track Construction

Professional layout to ensure the length of the track is correct

Running Track Construction

Dirt work and grading

Running Track Construction

Proper overall site elevations and dimensions ensure the facility will fit all requirements of slope, as well as provide proper drainage for facility

Running Track Construction

Construction of curbs, field events and drainage

Running Track Construction

Construction of base, which may be asphalt or concrete

Running Track Standard Base

The standard base for a running track has traditionally been hot mix asphalt paving. This was due to the configuration of the track in an oval and the historically lower cost of asphalt vs. concrete. When asphalt is used as the base it is important that a soils professional assist with the choice of a cross-section of road base and asphalt depth to help ensure stability on the existing soils. Typically event runways are constructed with concrete.

Post Tension Concrete Click to enlarge

Recently more running tracks are being installed using post-tensioned concrete. This type of construction employs sheathed cables placed within the concrete and tensioned to provide a very crack resistant surface. General Acrylics constructs the post-tensioned slab with no working joints to transfer to through the new synthetic surface. Post-tensioned concrete is usually chosen when:

Post Tension Concrete Running Track Construction
Post Tension Concrete Running Track Construction
Post Tension Concrete Running Track Construction
Post Tension Concrete Running Track Construction

Synthetic Surface Application

empty Synthetic Surface ApplicationThe choice of one of the polyurethane surfacing systems or latex will depend on budget, use and customer preference.


Running Track StripingStriping by an experienced track striping professional is essential, as this component of the project impacts the overall look of the project as well as the conformance of the facility to all governing body requirements.

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